• Christian Counseling – Receive this Gift

    I’d like to wish all of our clients a lovely holiday season!

    It’s really hard to carve out time to take care of ourselves at any time of year, but especially right now. There’s always “stuff” to be done. Kids need rides. The house gets dirty. Groceries get eaten. But what about you? How much do you make taking care of you a priority? It needs to be a conscious decision or it flat out won’t happen! Something more important will undboutedly come up. 

    What I want to share with you today is about the importance of receiving the gift of support. Let me explain…

    We have the opportunity to receive support all the time. 

    But it can make us uncomfortable. 

    • You have dinner with a friend and she tells the server it will be one check and tells you she’s buying your meal. Did your stomach just clench hearing that?
    • Or how about the friend who calls you and asks if she can take your kids for a while so you and your husband can have a date night? I know, I know… your knees just got weak and your cheeks are still red.

    Why do we do this to ourselves?

    These are are genuine offers of support.

    It’s not like you’re imposing! You never asked!! They just offered! 

    I’m just as guilty as the next person. I recently had an experience where a woman went out of her way to help me and continues to. The last time she did it, I felt guilty for accepting her help because I didn’t want her to think I was taking advantage of her. But, I never asked for her help and I certainly didn’t expect her to continue. She just continues because it’s a form of service for her.

    That was a big “aha” moment for me. I’ve taught before about the importance of receiving things when they come in our lives. They are blessings and when we refuse them, it hurts the other person. 

    I’m talking about the times when someone genuinely wants to give us something and we say “No!” What happens when we do that over and over again? People stop offering and then we may find ourselves feeling isolated, exhausted and complaining that nobody ever helps us!

    I’ve been VERY blessed over this past month to have 3 women I really admire and respect, just offer to help me. Was it hard to accept? Yep! Because my pride got in the way. But let me tell you, their help has had an incredible impact on me over the past few weeks. I’m more peaceful than I have been for YEARS regarding this life struggle area! I’m also hopeful because they’ve helped me look at it differently and I know I can handle the situation in a new way. They’ve equipped me with new tools and a new vision. What a blessing!

    So here’s your Vibrantly Live challenge: 

    Pay close attention whenever someone offers you something. It doesn’t matter how simple it is. It might be a piece of gum, holding the door for you or picking your kids up from school. 

    What feelings do these little acts of kindness elicit in you? Be present in them and take a look at them. My guess is you’ll see it’s pride. You don’t want to look needy. But remember! You never asked! They just offered. Can you allow yourself to just say “Thank you” as you receive what they’ve offered?

    If you’re interested in learning other strategies for recognizing and experiencing more gratitude in your life, I invite you to learn more about our Christian Counseling services.