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    Hi there!

    We specialize in providing Counseling and Enneagram Coaching to stressed out, exhausted and over-committed women – and their loved ones.  

    • Has your current way of living stopped working for you?  
    • Are you worn out from striving to be a “good ________,” then guilt ridden when unable to meet your own expectations?
    • Are you looking for support and strategies when it comes to your family or children?
    • Is life so busy that you and your partner feel more like distant roommates than lovers and friends?
    • Feeling lost, frustrated and fed up… and ready for a change?

    Welcome to Vibrantly Live.  

    We work with bright, creative women who are ready for something different.

    Our clients are often new to counseling or coaching. They’re go-getters who like to solve their own problems and they’re good at it. They’re also sharp enough to recognize the need for some additional support. That’s where we come in.  

    You aren’t broken. You aren’t weak. We aren’t here to fix you.  

    We’re here to partner with you, and those who matter most to you, in order to reach your next level of growth.  

    We’re here to help you vibrantly live!  If you’re ready to get started, contact us today!

    Let us introduce ourselves

    Alyssa Johnson, LCSW

    Alyssa Johnson, LCSW

    I work with stressed out, exhausted and over-committed women who are tired of living their lives on autopilot. My clients recognize their current way of living isn’t working for them anymore. They crave peace and more joy.  They’re tired of white knuckling it through their days and are ready to make a real change. In addition […]

    Christine Hicks, LSW

    Christine Hicks, LSW

    In addition to therapy for women, I provide family counseling. Kids experience emotional issues differently than adults. Part of seeing kids is counseling parents and creating a supportive team to help the child. My giftedness lies in discerning emotional, physical and circumstantial needs, then providing counsel and resources to help heal and fill in gaps. I invite […]

    Dana Haram, LMFT

    Dana Haram, LMFT

    Dana Haram has been providing counseling services for over 20 years. She is a Licensed Marriageand Family Therapist, specializing in both couples counseling and complex trauma work withwomen. She is trained in Prepare/Enrich and EMDR services.