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    Christian Counseling

    All of the clinicians at Vibrantly Live are active followers of Jesus, as well as state licensed counselors. Our ultimate goal for all of our clients is found in Romans 12:12

    “Be joyful in hope, patient in pain and faithful in prayer.”

    We will celebrate successes with you, be present with you in your moments of pain, and faithfully pray for your situation throughout our work together.

    How Does Christian Counseling Work?

    We understand that while your mental and emotional health are important to you, so is your spiritual health. We will support you in developing your whole self-mind, body and spirit

    A lot of our clients want to discuss the issues they are having and openly discuss God, the Bible, and their belief in the power of prayer. Your Christian Counselor can easily incorporate a biblical worldview, as well as God’s Word in the work you do together. Your faith is seen as a strength, and it will be honored in the work we do.

    You will have a safe space to discuss any struggles or difficulties you are experiencing, knowing that your counselor will provide services that align with your values, worldview and morals.

    What if I’m not a Christian?

    We work with Christians and non-Christians.

    We promise NOT to shove religion down your throat. We understand and respect the fact that all of us are at different places in our lives and spiritual journey. As a result, the extent to which sessions include biblical perspective depends on each client’s preferences.

    As Christians, we believe we are called to love, not be judgmental.

    You are safe here regardless of your beliefs. Our role is to come alongside you and support you in your growth and healing journey. That means accepting where you are and joining with you there.

    Next steps

    We invite you to learn more about all of the specialized services we offer to meet your unique needs. All of these can be offered from a Christian perspective.

    Let's start working together!