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    Online Counseling

    Getting the support you want shouldn’t be hard. That’s why we offer online counseling to all of our clients.  

    Whether you’re crunched for time, or just feel more comfortable being in your own space, we’re happy to meet you.

    We understand that it takes extra time to drive to our office. That could mean leaving work early, finding a babysitter, or just the aggravation of traffic.

    Your life is busy. We’re completely flexible with what you need in the moment. We don’t even need to know ahead of time. 

    Feel free to switch it up to make it work for you. If you’re sitting in our office waiting room, then we know we’re meeting in person. Otherwise, we’ll take a look in our easy to use online counseling virtual waiting room and voila…our time begins!

    What to Expect During Online Counseling

    All you need is your mobile device or a computer and an internet connection. It’s that simple. You’ll have a secured link to access our appointment.  With one click of a button, you can enter our online counseling virtual waiting room.  There’s no downloading of software ahead of time or making sure it’s updated.  Click…and you’re in!

    Your counselor will join you at your scheduled time. Everything is in real time, just like we were in the room together!  

    We ask that you make sure you’re in a quiet and private area so that you feel comfortable to freely share. This is your time and we want you to make the most of it.

    What Type of Online Counseling are You Interested in?

    To learn more, we invite you to scheduled a complimentary 30 minute phone consultation with us today!