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    Services Created For You

    You are unique and so are your needs.  We listen deeply to our clients.  We know they’ve tried to solve what’s bothering them before they reach out to us.  Time is of the essence.  Finding the right solution is imperative.  That’s your priority and so it’s ours.

    After years of providing services to women and their families, we’ve chosen to do things differently.  We aren’t your traditional counselors and coach.  Why?  Because helping you achieve your goals is our highest desire.  It’s time to think outside the box.

    Why We’re Different

    A lot of counselors focus only on mental illness and coming up with a diagnosis. They spend most of your working time on your past and processing its effects on you.

    Many of our clients’ experiences with counselors have been negative because “All I did was talk and talk and nothing really changed”.

    We’re different.

    • You aren’t going to be locked into a weekly appointment date and time. Your life is busy and you’ve got better things to do than come and see us every week.
    • You won’t lay on a couch. You’re welcome to kick off your shoes and get comfy if you want, but that’s up to you!
    • Most importantly, you aren’t signing your life away to years of therapy, not knowing if or when it will end.

    How We’re Different

    You have a specific concern that’s caused you to seek services. That may be for you, your family, or your relationship.  THAT’S what we’ll focus on. Sure, we may need to go back and look at how these patterns were created in order to make changes, but all of our time won’t be focused on that.

    Our job is to help you:

    • identify beliefs that no longer serve you
    • get clear on the direction you want to go
    • support you in achieving the goals you design
    • hold you accountable to making those changes
    • celebrating with you along the way

    Since helping you achieve your goals is our #1 priority, we’ve created service packages to best support you.  The intent is to wrap everything around you that you’ll need to achieve your success.

    Still wondering if coaching or counseling is right for you?

    I invite you to learn more about the differences here.