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    Couples Counseling

    Are you afraid there’s something wrong with your relationship?

    Do you long for greater intimacy, joy and understanding with your spouse?

    Is life so busy that you and your partner feel more like distant roommates than lovers and friends?

    As a couple, are you avoiding hard conversations you know you need to have?

    As you’re planning the wedding, do you recognize the need to prepare for the marriage too?

    Who You Are

    You’re quickly realizing the hopes and dreams you both had about a fairy tale marriage aren’t going to just naturally happen. You feel confused, frustrated and maybe even a little betrayed. You’re both committed to this relationship’s success.

    Whether you’re noticing concerns before the wedding or have been married for many years; NOW is the perfect time to address those unmet (and maybe unrealistic) expectations.

    High priorities for you are:

    Being able to communicate your needs and desires effectively with your partner

    Finding ways to partner with one another when dealing with life’s difficulties (parenting, financial difficulties, aging parents, serious illness, etc.)

    Having fun with one another again.

    What Your Issues Tend to Be

    • We keep fighting and no one ever wins.
    • We love each other, but regular conversations have become hard.
    • We long for greater closeness but don’t know how to get there.
    • Both of us feel unheard.
    • I don’t think my partner is attracted to me anymore.
    • We’re never on the same page when it comes to disciplining the kids.
    • Other people or activities seem more important than our relationship.
    • Past relationships/marriages have a big impact on us.
    • Our faith is important to us and we feel like we’re failing that too with the way our relationship is going.



    What Couples Counseling Can Do:

    Teach you how to talk to each other with love and understanding.

    Increase your ability to find compromise.

    Improve emotional and physical intimacy.

    Strengthen commitment to each other and God.

    Create time for each other as a couple and individually.

    Demolish unrealistic expectations that keep building a wall between the two of you.

    What You Need Most Right Now

    • You need clear direction and help in problem solving how to manage what you’re currently experiencing. You need a plan, tailor made for your unique needs.
    • Tools to help you remember why you chose each other in the first place.
    • Figure out how to increase your ability to compromise.
    • Learn how to enjoy and have fun with one other again.
    • A safe space to work with someone who understands how challenging relationships can be and won’t judge either of you.
    • Truly forgive one another for past mistakes.
    • Improve your emotional and physical intimacy.
    • Know how to make God a priority in our relationship.
    • Skills to make your partner a priority and say “no” to all of the other things that keep pulling your attention away.


    What to Expect:

    We work to create therapeutic relationships that are full of compassion.  We understand the relationship with your partner is the most important relationship you have.  Addressing your needs, as a couple, is the priority.  In order to do that here are some important things to consider:

    • We don’t keep secrets between partners.  This allows your counselor to stay unbiased and ensures we’re all on the same page.
    • Your relationship is the priority.  Even though there may be times when one of you will be seen individually, the focus of those will always be about the relationship.
    • If individual therapy is deemed necessary for the success of the couple, either a referral will be made or we will consider integrating individual sessions with the couples therapy.

    Couples Counseling is the solution for you!

    Couples Connect Package – This Package is strictly focused on assessing where you are currently, and discovering where you want to go as a couple.  Further packages are structured to address those specific goals.

    4 Session Structure:

    • Prepare/Enrich assessment is taken before the first appointment.
    • One 75 minute initial evaluation with both members of the couple.
    • Two 50 minute individual appointments (One with each of you).
    • One final 50 minute meeting together to align on goals, lay out a plan to achieve those and evaluate next steps for future counseling support.
    • The pace of our appointments is customized to your needs.
    • All meetings can be in person or via secure video.

    In this package:

    • Both of you take the Prepare/Enrich assessment – the #1 Premarital and Marriage assessment in the world.  It quickly shines light on differences of personality, as well as strengths and growth areas for your relationship.
    • Receive a PDF copy of the Prepare/Enrich workbook as a supplement for future sessions and to provide activities between sessions.
    • Any additional materials assigned, are given the same day so you can start working immediately.
    • Notes from appointments given to you on the spot if in person or within 24 hours if virtual.
    • Receive complimentary 1x/month clinical email support.  If you get stuck or have questions in between appointments you can contact your counselor, via email, and we can walk you through that situation.
    • Feel confident that you’ve found an experienced partner who values your unique needs and can expertly steer you in a direction toward the relationship you both desire.

    Work done throughout the Couples Connect Package:

    • Informs the customized plan to achieve your specific goals.
    • Prepares both of you for the work to be done in the next phase of treatment.

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