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    Enneagram Coaching

    Are you tired of living your life on autopilot?

    Are you ready to learn who you were created to be?

    Looking for a step by step approach toward more health and wholeness?

    Who You Are

    You’ve heard about this thing called the Enneagram. Maybe friends have “told” you what number you are. You’re intrigued and think there must be more to this thing than just fun party tricks.

    Maybe you’ve known a few people who’ve begun applying deep wisdom in their growth journeys and when you asked how they’ve done it, they’ve mentioned the Enneagram. Now you’re ready to start your own journey and want to learn more.

    What Your Issues Tend to Be

    You really want to understand yourself better. You’re tired of feeling as if you’re sleep walking through your life.

    You know you were meant for more, but just keep holding yourself back and you’re tired of it.

    You’ve done a lot of personal growth reading (and even listened to a ton of Enneagram podcasts), but are feeling overwhelmed and unsure what to do with all this information.

    What You Need Most Right Now

    You want to unlock the path to your healthiest self. You’re tired of walking around in the dark to those desires that tug you around every which way. You’re ready to understand those and make different choices.

    You want specific skills, resources and assignments to equip you to better understand how you were created and how to break through some of the underlying motivations that have been driving your life up until this point.

    Enneagram Coaching is for You!

    Different stages are available based on your Enneagram knowledge. Each stage Includes in person or secure video appointments scheduled 2x/month. Each meeting is around 45 minutes in length.

    Discovery – 4 months – 2x/month meetings

    • Introduction to the Enneagram (depends on your experience with the Enneagram.)
    • Discover or confirm your Enneagram Type
    • In and out of session work and resources provided
    • Once you know your Type, go deeper in learning how to apply that information.
    • Understand specific actions to help you move toward greater levels of health and wholeness.
    • Begin learning how other relationships impact you and how to show up more centered.

    Ongoing Growth & Development – open ended 2x/month

    • Cusomized application of information learned in the previous stage.
    • Accountability for action plans so that continued growth, “wakefulness” to Type tricks, and more freedom are achieved.
    • Specific emphasis on relationships with others and better care of self will be present.

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