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    Family Counseling

    Are you looking for support and strategies in parenting through difficulties?

    Wanting help navigating changes in your family like divorce, death, home relocation, marriage, or illness?

    Do want to reconnect with your child when the relationship seems strained?

    Do you recognize changes in your child or teen, such as: moodiness, isolating, sudden friendship changes, tearfulness or fears, easily triggered anger, or something just “isn’t right” emotionally?

    Who You Are

    When difficulties arise within a family, everyone is affected in different ways. While you’re trying to protect your kids, and simply survive, your kids are trying to do the same thing! They often want to protect you and keep you from having to deal with anything more.

    Kids will stuff their feelings in an effort to not be a “burden”, which can create depression and anxiety about the situation and the helplessness they feel. Seeking family counseling is a way to learn healthy ways to navigate these difficult situations.

    You’ve discovered you need help to direct your family through the adversity you are experiencing. That’s what we are here for!

    High priorities for you are:

    Your kids being able to express their emotions in a healthy way.

    Your kids learning how to navigate HARD things with healthy tools.

    Your family coming together to support one another.

    Feeling confident to parent effectively and lovingly through difficult times.

    What Your Issues Tend to Be

    • School stressors: test anxiety, peer pressure, bullying, learning difficulties, social anxiety
    • Family issues: parental arguing, divorce, moving homes, new sibling, major illness, death, loss, and transitions
    • Changes in your child’s behavior (e.g., inattention, arguing, withdrawing) or emotions (e.g. depressed, angry, worried, stress) may be a sign they may need help.

    What You Need Most Right Now

    Children, just like adults, can participate and benefit from counseling. Counseling helps children and adolescents learn how to identify causes of their distress, improve skills in asking for help and expressing emotions, and increase problem-solving abilities.

    Our approach to child/adolescent counseling is holistic and strength-based. We understand each child/teen is unique. Therefore, we seek to identify and further develop individual strength and growth areas, while reducing distress and increasing coping skills.

    What Family Counseling Can Do:

    • Help your child recognize and express their feelings
    • Help your child create healthy ways to deal with difficulties
    • Increase their use of effective communication skills
    • Strengthen family, community, and peer relationships
    • Appropriate expression of feelings and emotional vocabulary
    • Improvement of positive ways to cope and thrive in their environments

    What to Expect:

    We work to create an environment where a child/adolescent feels safe and protected from real or perceived threats to their sense of control. In order to be most effective in facilitating the therapeutic process, a trusting relationship must be established. Therapy with children and adolescents differs from typical “talk therapy” most adults experience. Though there is talking involved in the therapy process, child/adolescent therapy incorporates many activities, play and games. It is important for us to engage and interact with the child/adolescent, versus talking at them. The language children and teens are most familiar with at this stage is more nonverbal and interactive, this approach tends to be most effective. Because the ability to interact varies greatly between ages, we work to provide the best therapeutic support at each developmental stage.

    Therapy sessions with family and parents is essential. We may incorporate others in the therapy process depending on the nature of the problem and the child/adolescent’s needs in their environments. Others may include grandparents, siblings, teachers, and caregivers. Consequently, the amount of time and frequency of involvement of others is unique to the child/adolescent and family’s situation. We understand that many parents have questions about their child/adolescent’s therapeutic process and progress. Many times, the last few minutes of a therapy session is reserved for updates with the parent. Collaboration is key to helping your child thrive.

    Call to schedule a free consultation if you have additional questions about how we may be of service. We are here to help!

    Family Counseling Services are for You!

    Family Success Package

    Includes 4 appointments for parent(s) & children– In person or via secure video – 45 minutes each with the following added benefits:

    • 75-80 minute initial evaluation with parent(s) and children
    • Therapy goals will be created together.
    • I will provide/teach you skills & tools to help you achieve those goals: parenting ideas, and education about your child’s needs.
    • Notes from appointments given to you on the spot if in person or within 24 hours if virtual.
    • Important time will be spent building a relationship with your child/teen for the best therapeutic relationship possible.
    • Complimentary 1x/week clinical email support. As we gather information for the best way to support your child, communication between appointments may be helpful.
    • I will communicate with other agencies (including school) with parent permission as is appropriate to best support your child.
    • All materials assigned to you will be given same day. You’re off and running immediately.
    • If there is a book I recommend, it will be provided at no extra cost.
    • After the 4 sessions, we will evaluate next steps so we can adequately plan for future counseling support.
    • The pace of meetings is customized to your needs.

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