• Therapy for Women: Finding More Peace of Mind

    With all the responsibilities we have, wanting a little more peace of mind is a given. But sometimes we don’t have time to even eat! Where will we find time to boost our mental energy? Before you go into panic mode and wish for extra hours in a day, let’s take a step back. Making sure your mind is clear from clutter allows you to focus on the most important things, making you more productive, thus able to get more done in the amount of time you have.

    There will always be deadlines in your life, but learning to manage those and stay focused until the project is complete will provide you with more peace of mind throughout your day. Just like you, I’ve got a lot going on. But I’ve found a few little tricks that keep me heading in the right direction and using my time wisely. Let me share those with you…

    Mental energy has to do with your ability to stay focused and get tasks done. 

    Like any form of self-care, it’s something we need to take care of; to replenish as we use it. When we ignore this principle and just keep trying to push through, we become depleted and less effective. This is one of the many reasons that self-care should be seen as non-negotiable. You’re not helping anyone by ignoring your needs. Instead you end up hurting those around you and yourself.

    Now, let’s get to those little peace of mind tricks to replenish your mental energy…

    Fuel up:

    Simply said if you’re not getting enough sleep or eating right, you’re not going to be thinking clearly. It will be as if you’re in a fog and every mental process will be slowed down.

    Create systems: 

    The beauty of systems is that you don’t have to store information in your head. I try to create systems for everything. 

    Whenever we run out of something, whether it is food or a household item, it’s written in a set place to be added to the next grocery list. I have a cleaning system that allows me to know exactly what area of the house gets worked on next. I use Google Calendar to remind me of upcoming events (and set alarms so I don’t forget). I make a to do list every night with the projects/errands that need to get done for the next day.

    Some of this may sound like overkill to you, but I rarely forget things and even more important, I’m not wasting mental energy worrying that I might forget something. I’m able to get projects done quickly and efficiently, leaving me with more peace of mind.

    Take breaks:

    We can only stay super focused for about 45 minutes at a time for peak performance. After that time, our minds start wandering and we’re less productive. So, take some breaks to rest your brain. 

    I know you’re busy, so this can be short. Stand up, stretch, take your eyes off the computer for a couple seconds, or walk around. Whatever a “break” looks like to you, do it. Remember, pushing through doesn’t give you peace of mind because you’ll end up taking longer to get things done because you’re less effective.

    Your Vibrantly Live Challenge: 

    I want to encourage you to think about the normal flow of your day. When are you most alert and productive? For me, that’s morning. Around 2 -3pm I become extremely sluggish and need a longer break. 

    How about you? Think about how you can begin incorporating the 3 tips I showed you – one at a time – to increase your peace of mind and mental energy throughout your day.