• Couples Counseling: The Prepare/Enrich Marriage Tool?

    Prepare and Enrich is an online marriage assessment tool I use to get the big picture for each couple I work with in couples counseling.

    This marriage assessment tool has been heavily researched and gives me a wealth of information.  Just a few of those include:

    • Strength and Growth areas.  It quickly answers:  What areas do we need to work?  What are we doing well?
    • Relationship Dynamics – Who is more assertive? Who prefers to avoid? What is our level of commitment?
    • Couple Map – Was the family you grew up in close or distant?  Did your allow for change or were things very rigid?
    • Personal Stress Levels – As individuals, how stressed are we and what are we stressed about?
    • Personality – How is my personality impacting my relationship?
    • Relationship Satisfaction – Even with the concerns I have overall how do I feel about my relationship?

    Speed Up Progress

    Wouldn’t it be nice if you could walk into your first couple’s counseling session and the therapist already knew large pieces of your history?  You don’t have to spend your first meeting divulging your life history.

    Knowing your counselor already has a big chunk of information about you can be a relief and provides an opportunity to feel connected more quickly.  By the time you decide to start couples counseling, most clients are tired of feeling the pain and tension in their relationship and want to begin figuring out how change can happen – quickly!

    Greater Depth of Understanding

    The Prepare/Enrich marriage tool will help clarify the parts of your relationship that are going well, that you want to develop further.  In addition you will learn what areas need the most attention, so you can find ways to heal and begin practicing  skills that will allow you to create the relationship you’ve been wanting all along.

    There are times when identifying the heart of the problem is challenging and this assessment along with the tools you  learn in couples counseling can bring these things to light.

    As a company, Prepare/Enrich shares the same values you do in that they want to see your marriage flourish and that is the hope I have for your relationship too.

    If you’re interested in learning more about the Prepare/Enrich Marriage Tool or what couples counseling might look like, I invite you to schedule a complimentary phone consult today.