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I'm Ready For The Tools

Exhausted from everything that has to get done?
Not being the mom you always thought you’d be?
Constantly rushed?  Can’t sit still and enjoy the moment?
Is your husband just getting your left overs?  


You’re tired of the chaos!  You’re ready for a step by step approach to less stress & more time for what you really want in your life. 

I’m Ready to Make a Change »

Show Me the Direction

Panic attacks & anxiety ruling your life?
Does every day feel like a struggle?
Rather stay in bed, than go through your day?
Feel like crying most of the time?


You need support & direction.  These will help you get control of your life and begin living fully again.

I’m Ready to Heal »

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What’s Truly Important? Follow Your Heart

what's truly important

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  This verse from Luke 12:34 keeps running through my mind as I think about why certain things have been important to me throughout my life.  This month I want … Continue »

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Are You Ready for a Change?

William Bridges Transition Model

As I reflect on the past year, the number of changes I’ve gone through blows me away. But that’s life, right?  As I head into this New Year, things are changing once again!  My husband just started a new job … Continue »

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Peace of Mind: Finding More Mental Energy


With all the responsibilities we have, wanting a little more peace of mind is a given. But sometimes we don’t have time to even eat! Where will we find time to boost our mental energy? Before you go into panic … Continue »

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Spiritual Life Practices Allow More Energy


Our spiritual life is often see as a taboo subject in “polite company”, but why? Because we have differing opinions? Because it’s a topic people feel strongly about? Sure. But I take a different approach. I think it’s something that … Continue »

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Ways to be Happy More Often?

ways to be happy

Everyday life can drain our physical energy, leaving us fatigued.  But emotional energy is rather different.  It is more a sense of happiness and hopefulness.  This week I want to look at 3 different ways to be happy more often … Continue »

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